Download Hey Donald Trump Song MP3 (02:25) - Radio Android

Download Hey Donald Trump Song MP3 (02:25) - Radio Android

Hey Donald (Song for Donald Trump) lyrics

Canción para el señor Donald Trump... basada en los dos videos previos acerca de escribir y componer canciones (links abajo).
Si eres fan de este hombre, mejor no veas el video.

Song for Mr. Donald Trump, if you don't speak Spanish, skip to second 20 of the video. Also, if you like this guy, please avoid watching the video.

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Hey Donald… I’m writing from across the border,
To understand your mind disorder
Hey Donald… I’m Mexican and I am wondering
If maybe someday you’ll stop whining

About the japs, about the muslims
Latinos, blacks, Chinese and zombies
Your mouth is like your hairstyle, dull and fake.

Have you considered maybe counselling?
Cuz all your words you should be quaffing
Or maybe you don’t get what I just said

We want you out… we want you out
Your wife is only as immigrant as dumb
So shut your mouth… just shut your mouth
Respect the people who were here before.

Hey Donald… On second thoughts your mind just bores me
I just don’t care ‘bout your baloney
Hey Donald… Good luck I hear your polls are dropping
In a month or two who will you be mocking?

We want you out… we want you out
Your wife is only as immigrant as dumb
So shut your mouth… just shut your mouth
Leave all the founders of your country alone.

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