Download Leo Brouwer Etudes MP3 (38.82 MB) - Radio Android

Download Leo Brouwer Etudes MP3 (38.82 MB) - Radio Android

20 Études Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Leo Brouwer. Brian Farrell Guitar lyrics

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0:00 1 Movido
0:45 2 Lento
2:02 3 Rapido
2:21 4 Comodo: Allegretto
2:52 5 Allegretto (Montune)
3:30 6 Lo Mas Rapido Posible
4:13 7 Lo Mas Rapido Posible
4:53 8 Tranquillo
6:18 9 Scherzo
6:59 10 Allegretto
7:56 11 Allegretto
9:52 12 Tranquillo: Moderato
11:04 13 Movido
12:48 14 Allegro
14:39 15 Sarabande
17:50 16 Grave Sarabande
19:29 17 Moderato Sarabande
21:42 18 Moderato Quasi Lento
24:35 19 Movido: Allegretto
25:55 20 Movido: Rapido

Leo Brouwer (1939) The Cuban composer, conductor and classical guitarist Leo Brouwer was born in Havana and studied composition at the Julliard School in New York. He now lives in Spain. Brouwer’s contribution to guitar music alone has been prolific. As a world class player himself, his compositions, even if they present technical challenges to the student or performers are always well within the players capabilities.

Brouwer's early works were influenced by his native Cuban folk music. During the 1960s and 70s however, he developed an interest in the music of modernist composers Luigi Nono and Iannis XenakisI. His more recent solo guitar works El Decamerón Negro (1981) the Sonata (1990) written for Julian Bream and Paisaje cubano con campanas (1986) are testament of this.

20 Études Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Études Simples are often described as a good introduction to guitar students of 20th century music. They contain all the elements required to establish a solid foundation in guitar technique. These include scale passages, slurs, chords, specific left and right hand studies, ornament studies and Brouwer also makes good use of complete silences (rest) in some pieces. Interpreting each piece is also a study in itself as they are full of contrasting dynamics and challenging phrasing.
Brouwer wrote No1-10 and 11-20 at different stages in his life. They were deliberately pedagogical and written for his own pupils he was teaching at the time. It is quite evident that his compositional development was maturing by the time he wrote No11-20 as they are richer in form and texture.

The title Études Simples can easily be misinterpreted. ‘Simple’ on the ear maybe however, many are virtuosic when following the composers instructions. No 6 and 7 is marked Lo Mas Rapido Posible (as fast as possible) for example, while No 3 and 20 are marked Movido: Rapido (restless, rapidly).

Brian Farrell

Update: I have Brouwer's Nuevos Estudios Sencillos online now to stream or buy on any of the usual digital outlets.

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